One thing is for sure;

at  Solutia, our name

is our mission:


 We are all about solutions. 


 What is a  solution?

noun · /səˈluːʃ(ə)n/

Ask this question to the first person you encounter, and you will most likely hear that a solution refers to a state where a problem has been solved. Although this definition is not essentially inaccurate, we yet believe that the most decisive point is missing. Instead, we find that a solution is an act or a conception of solving a problem rather than a final and exclusive conclusion. In other words, we contend a solution as the process of determining the answer to an issue.

What is the job of a solutionist?

noun · /səˈluːʃ(ə)nɪst/

Since a solution describes a way of dealing with difficulty, a solutionist has to have all the abilities to undertake all the necessary steps to solve the issue. Getting started with a comprehensive understanding of the initial circumstances, he uses a combination of intuition and logic in order to solve the problem. He uses both of these forces to get as much information as he can to come up with the best possible solution while being reasonably open-minded and logically skeptical at once.

What does Solutia do?

noun · /səˈluːʃə/

Solutia describes an entire ecosystem consisting of different business units that constitute independent and collaborating entities at the same time. Taking into account the frequent complexity and inter-disciplinarity of a problem, we believe that more than only one field of expertise has to be incorporated in the problem-solving process and that such a partner ecosystem is the condition of a long-running and long-lasting progression.

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